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Essential tools for healthy living. TM

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Clean your air

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Premier Supplements for Brain Health, Cognitive and Full Body Function. 

Comprehensive open source ingredients list to keep you informed.

Feed your mind and Body

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State of the Art Filtered Water Bottles. 

Transform water from nearly any source into clean, safe drinking water.

99.99+% reduction of Viruses, Bacteria and more.

Drink Pure Water

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Skincare hand made in small batches from spa quality formulations. 

Ethically conscious, holistic formulations that are alcohol, additive, and preservative free. 

Chemical Free - Made in America

Renew your Skincare

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Therapy Pillows, Wedges, and Cushions designed to provide therapeutic support. 

Sleeping in correct position is essential for aligning the body for reduced neck and back pain.  

Get more sleep and comfort

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Tools and equipment selected to boost the effectiveness of at home workouts. 

Building full body muscle does not have to be hard on your joints.

Easy to set up, exercise, and put away. 

Escalate your fitness
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Control the factors that have the biggest impact on your health, happiness, and success.

We select top performing, proven, and responsible products that protect and enhance the basic foundations for your well-being.

"We look forward to providing you with excellent customer service ”

- The Excelsus Team

A Personal Message from Allison, Our Product Specialist:

Allison M. Neukirchen LMT, MMP, Medical Myotherapist

As a professional massage therapist, I have worked with many different people. People from all walks of life and every age.

After my clients massage session, I am always suggesting for them to continue their care on their own at home. This protects the time investment in coming to see me, as well as the financial investment into their health and care. No matter what the reason for the massage, continuing care after their session is vital in maintaining and elevating their level of health.

Woman receiving self care activities.
Family at the beach.

In order for patients and clients to access the tools that they need to complete self-care at home, I have had to send them to website after website, store after store, in order for them to get the items that they need. There had to be a better way to do this!

Excelsus is a digital online marketplace designed to become a one stop shop for all self-care and post care needs. We seek out the best self-care tools and devices so that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for, in order to complete their individual self-care routines.

Self-care is an all-encompassing idea that includes many aspects of life. It not only includes care after meetings with health and/or bodywork professionals, but also setting up your home and workplace to promote health and well-being. It also incorporates designing your daily habits and rituals to excel your health and live life to its fullest.

In health,


Allison's Essential Tools for Healthy Living: